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What is our Story?

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

7 years ago our founder rejoined the music industry after a significant break, only to find that the rules and etiquette in the industry had all changed!

DJs now also had to be the promoter, label owner, graphic designer, social media manager, booking agent and ticket seller (plus more) all in one. DJs were not getting paid, and the skill level of "newly trained" DJs was poor at best due to money grabbing DJ "schools" over charging and under teaching.

People were (and still are) being sold this (see picture) dream of DJ stardom, but not being given the tools to achieve it. On top of that some of these schools were, and are still, charging huge sums for practice time on the vastly expensive tech.

So What Did He Do?

Our founder set about trying to find ways to restore the industry he loved that was filled with people who supported each other, trusted and believed in each other. This began with a non ticket sales based events company, which morphed into a collective of DJs and Producers and then a Record label and events company for this collective. Seeing the success on a small scale of this team and all the while noting down every last bit of trouble the team came across on their journey, our founder set about weaving these problems into solutions, and then further more into a viable business that would be able to offer all the things it needed to be at a reasonable price.

Seems fairly simple right?

This work alone took 5 years just to learn all the lessons and find out what was at the core of the industries problems. It has been another 2 years making it fit into a viable business model, whilst also offering the goods and services at a reasonable price.

Hard work and a seemingly endless amount of research and sleepless nights paid off, and The Arcane Music Society was born.

The first of its kind. A unique and wonderful utopia for the electronic music industry. A place to work, network, relax, learn, enjoy music or just grab something to eat.

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