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The New Pioneer XDJ-RX2 Review

So this week we started our new blog series reviewing DJ tech new and old. In this series we will cover: Best usage for each product, if it is club friendly or just home studio, best bits and worst bits, and a bit about the company behind the product too.

The Pioneer XDJ-RX2

This is a pretty badass bit of tech we have to say and here at The Arcane Music Society we love a bit of badassery. Pioneer have pulled out all the stops in this all in one controller. First up and our favourite feature - No need to have your laptop! this is a standalone controller that needs a usb (that has been created through rekordbox) and a power source and it is good to go. It really is like having a smaller pair of 2000 Nexus decks in front of you, with a 2 channel version of the Nexus DJM mixer. Overall this system is extremely easy to use for a novice (we used an old school Vinyl DJ friend as the guinea pig for this test and he learned to use this tech flawlessly in a 20 min show and tell). For the Experienced/Pro DJ there is masses of potential for fun and tricks with this tech.

The Basics Before we go on to talk about the new an frankly awesome features, thats deal with some basics: Two USB ports, also takes direct link from Rekordbox and other compatible computer systems. Touch Screen, full colour wave forms for both decks on one central screen. Vinyl and CDJ mode for the jog wheels as well as adjustable vinyl cut. 2 mic inputs with clear and easy to use controls. Full range of Nexus 2 DJM mixer FX to choose from, and each fader channel has it's on FX knob like on the Nexus DJM. Easy to find Quantize, Memory, Cue point memory jump, master tempo and slip buttons, nice and chunky reverse button and a responsive BPM slider. Large section of drum pads for both decks with multiple functions (great fun). Sync and Master buttons for those complex transitions when changing BMP in multi genre DJing and other fun tricks. Responsive Cross-Fader. Two Headphone ports (one x 3/4in Jack, one x standard headphone jack) Slip Mode function.

To be honest what we love about the pioneer system is the simplicity. Minimal cabling/hassle required to set up and play. That plus the buttons and knobs are well spaced and extremely well placed for ease of use. You never find yourself hitting your hand or fingers on the wrong bit whilst using it to do complex transitions. The Fun Part When we started to play about with this amazing bit of kit, we got very quickly drawn into the endless ways which you can mix and match the Nexus 2 DJM style FXs with the Drum pad fx systems. Easy to use quick loops, hot cues, slip loops and beat jumps used at the right time (we used them at the wrong time ALOT before we found the best ways to use them) mixed with the iconic pioneer DJM fx can create some amazing transitions, and if your hands are fast enough combing this with using sync to change the BPM of the tracks at the same time.... well lets just say if you want to create a unique set this tech provides all the way in which you can achieve that without paying out the Thousands of pounds for a Carl Cox-esk set up of D2's, specialist mixers and a CDJ and vinyl deck too.

The Key Part The Price - You can pick this up brand new right now (August 2018) for £1600. Deals are kicking around as low as £1500 including a carry case, and many sites are offering finance deals too.

The Cons It is not exactly light as a feather. Even in it's carry case this is not the worlds smallest controller and it is not light to carry round. This is not a surprise with all the Tech that has been crammed into it. However if your a DJ looking for a manoeuvrable and easily toured with controller is this probably not your best bet. For the many tiny DJ booths across the country this would struggle to fit in, and whilst it is easy to plug and play, size is it's biggest downfall for use out and about.

Best Usage? As such it makes a great and affordable bit of kit for the home studio, or as a permanent fixture in a small bar/club as it provides all the advantages of the Nexus 2 range without the £5/£6k price tag. We genuinely love this fun, intuitive and expansive bit of tech. We especially love the price tag for all the fun and gadgets that it includes. In short, Pioneer have created another smash hit product that is easy to use, fun, and for the Pros has endless possibilities.

We hope you enjoyed our review. Please feel free to message us your requests for reviews and we will work with our partners to get them done for you!

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